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New York Yankees tickets – Eras of the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have been around for a long, long time now – since 1913 in fact, when the 'New York Highlanders' were renamed as the 'Yankees'. In that time, people buying New York Yankees tickets have seen many, many different players, managers and owners. However, it's possible to break down the long history of the Yankees into 'eras', and here we present some of the most important eras of the New York Yankees:

#1 The Babe Ruth Era (1923-1935)

George Herman Ruth, Jr., probably the most famous baseball player in the history of the sport, transformed not only New York Yankees but the game of baseball itself. Such was his power as a hitter, he forever changed the way in which the game was played. The fast, low- scoring games of the period before his arrival on the scene would never return, replaced by big-scoring slugfests that the fans loved. This new style of game, along with 'Babe' Ruth himself, brought massively bigger crowds, which allowed the New York Yankees to build a stadium capable of holding them, a then-amazing 58,000 people.

#2 The Stengel Era (1949-1959)

This era, the period after the retirement of legendary Yankee Joe DiMaggio, was notable for the Yankees because from 1949-1953 they dominated the sport, winning the World Series an unprecedented five consecutive times. This record still stands in the modern era. The players making up this world-beating team included Mickey Mantle and catcher Yogi Berra. The Yankees' manager, Casey Stengel, masterminded their success and was also a genius at publicity, landing a cover of Time magazine.

The year 1956 saw another Yankees record which stands today: the pitching by Don Larson of a perfect game in Game 5 of the world series. This remains the only perfect game thrown in World Series history.

#3 The Steinbrenner Era (1973-1981)

After a period in the late 60s and early 70s when the Yankees went into a sharp decline, the team was bought from previous owners CBS by a consortium of investors in 1973. The consortium quickly evaporated, as shipbuilder and investor George Steinbrenner bought out the other partners and became principal owner within just one year of the sale by CBS.

Steinbrenner had ambitious goals for the club, including extensive renovations of Yankee Stadium, which by this time had fallen badly into disrepair. A two-year period of renovations went ahead, during which time the Yankees played at the home ground of the Mets, Shea Stadium.

#4 The Joe Torre Era (1996-2007)

George Steinbrenner replaced the Yankees' previous manager, Buck Showalter, with Joe Torre in 1996, who was to go on to a long tenure, until 2007. During this period, the Yankees compiled a team that has been widely recognized as one of the best ever. In 1998 they won 114 times in the regular season and then demolished the San Diego Padres in the World Series, winning every match. In 2000, they won their fourth World Series in just five years. However, this period is also notable for some less salubrious occurrences: it has since transpired that many players in the 2000 Yankees team were taking performance-enhancing drugs, including, it is alleged, star pitcher Roger Clemens.

After 2008 the Yankees are firmly in a new era, with a brand-new stadium and a new manager. This makes it the perfect time to grab New York Yankees tickets, and be part of a new beginning with the New York Yankees!

New York Yankees tickets – Most Famous Team Captains

The position of team captain of the New York Yankees is one held in high esteem, as so few players will ever get to captain this legendary baseball franchise. New York Yankees tickets will secure you the opportunity to see the current captain, Derek Jeter, in action, but what about the captains before him? Read on to find out who the most famous Yankees captains from history are, and to find out more about the current captain.

#1 Babe Ruth (May 20, 1922 – May 25, 1922)

Babe Ruth, though an amazing exponent of the game and a prolific power hitter, was in many ways an odd choice as captain, as he had a reputation for out-of-control behaviour both on the field and off of it. Maybe it's no surprise then, that his tenure as captain lasted just five days. He lost the captaincy after an incident during a game when he first threw dirt at an umpire, and then climbed into the stands in order to confront a spectator who had been heckling the Yankees legend.

#2 Lou Gehrig (1935 – 1941)

Lou Gehrig was a powerful and skillful hitter who is remembered for playing 2,130 consecutive games, a record that wasn't broken until 1995. He was also one of the highest run producers in baseball history. His achievements as a hitter are even more impressive in light of the fact that he played two-thirds of his career in the same team as Babe Ruth, a player who could put even Lou Gehrig in the shade. Tragically, Lou Gehrig's playing career and then life were cut short by a disease of the nervous system, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

#3 Don Mattingly (1991 – 1995)

The popular first baseman Don Mattingly was captain of the New York Yankees for four years, from 1991 until his retirement in 1995. Interestingly enough, this period coincided with the decline of his abilities as a player. In 1985 Mattingly had been named MVP, and in 1987 he tied a record by hitting home runs in eight consecutive games. Also in 1987 however, he suffered a back injury which was to recur in 1990 and eventually end his playing career. Though he played on until 1995, his abilities as a hitter were never the same as they had been pre-1990.

#4 Derek Jeter (2003 – present)

The current captain of the New York Yankees is Derek Jeter, a nine-times All-Star shortstop with a career batting average of .316. In 2000 he became the only player ever to win both the All-Star game MVP Award and the World Series MVP Award in the same year. Jeter was named captain in 2003, becoming the first Yankees captain since Don Mattingly retired in 1995 – for the eight years prior to 2003, the team had been without an official team captain (given this fact, one has to wonder what the point of a team captain actually is).

At the age of 34, how much longer with Derek Jeter remain Yankees captain? When you buy New York Yankees tickets, you'll get a chance to see the current captain in action, and you may also see the captain of tomorrow as well! is a private ticket broker and is not affiliated with
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