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New York Yankees tickets – Yankee Stadium

When you buy New York Yankees tickets from, you're buying tickets to one of the most famous sporting arenas in America. Read on to find out five fast facts about Yankee Stadium.

#1 Now it's Yankee Stadium...No.2

2009 marked the transition for the New York Yankees from their old stadium to the new one. The old Yankee Stadium was the home ground for the Yankees from 1923 to 2008, with a break for renovations between 1973 and 1976. Before the first Yankee Stadium was built, the Yankees used to share the Polo Grounds with the New York Giants, but the relationship between the teams was never harmonious.

#2 Old Yankee Stadium recorded a lot of firsts

When it was built, the 1923-2008 ground was the first sporting arena in America to have three tiers for spectators, and it was also one of the first to be called a 'stadium', as opposed to a park or field. It was also one the first to be designed to be used as a multi-purpose facility and not just a baseball ground.

#3 Old Yankee Stadium was built for the Babe

Star slugger Babe Ruth almost single-handedly turned the game of baseball from a low-scoring game dominated by speed into a high-scoring one dominated by power. This was immensely popular with the fans, and resulted in the game experiencing a massive surge in popularity, which in turn made the building of a then-unprecedented 60,000 seat arena feasible. In return, the ground was in part specially designed for the left-handed player, with an unusually short right-field line.

#4 Old Yankee Stadium kept changing its shape

The dimensions of the 1923-2008 Yankee Stadium were changed several times during its lifetime. Seen from the air, the old stadium is also clearly not symmetrical. Between 1923 and 1988, the distance to the center field wall shrank from 490 ft. to 408 ft., while the left field and right field lines increased from 285 ft. to 318ft. and from 295 ft. to 314 ft. respectively.

#5 New Yankee Stadium is one of the most expensive stadiums in the world

With projected final costs of around $1.5 billion, the new Yankee Stadium is in line to be the second-most expensive stadium in the world, just behind Wembley Stadium in London at about $1.57 billion. Unbelievably, the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani agreed with the Yankees in 2001 that the City of New York would assist the building of the new Yankees Stadium to the tune of $800 million of tax payer funds. This was quickly rescinded by incoming mayor Michael Bloomberg using an escape clause in the agreement (he called the agreement 'corporate welfare'). When you buy New York Yankees tickets now, you're not buying tickets to a sporting arena that is steeped in a long and rich history as the 1923-2008 ground was. However, you're buying a unique chance to be a part of a new legend in the making. is a private ticket broker and is not affiliated with
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